DIN 13169 - Relevant Information

Difference between DIN 13169 and DIN 13157
The normal first aid kit has a content amount in accordance with DIN 13157. The content of a first aid kit or another first aid container in accordance with DIN 13169 corresponds, in simple terms, to twice the amount of a normal box. DIN 13169: 2009-11, which replaced the last revised standard in 1996, is currently valid.

Changes in the 2009 version compared to the 1996 version
So far, the standard has only referred to use in companies and on construction sites. Use in schools and day care centers for children is now also explicitly mentioned. The contents of the first-aid kit have been adjusted: Instant cold compresses, first-aid kits and the range of plasters have been expanded. In the course of the regular suitability check of the content, it was slightly modified: Instant cold compresses, bandage packs and range of plasters were added. First aid boxes with the dimensions 35 x 25.5 x 10 cm (L x W x H) are labeled “First aid kit DIN 13169 - E”, other containers are labeled “Contents DIN 13169”. Both are approved for use by the legislator. What is new is that, in addition to the traditional first-aid kit, other “suitable” first-aid containers can also be used. Only the same properties (lockability, leak test, opening, breaking strength, no sharp corners ...) must be present.