First Aid Kit Daily Necessities

First Aid Kit Daily Necessities
First-aid blanket: waterproof, cold-proof and mosquito-proof. They have different sizes. The area spread is not small, but it is folded and stuffed in the corner of the first-aid kit.

Hand warmer: a mini warm baby, the size of a tea bag.

One-time poncho: It has multiple functions such as keeping warm and rain. But remember, don't buy anything that is thinner than garbage bags.

Disposable tent: for short-term outdoor refuge. Waterproof bag: Hold some items that cannot touch water, such as mobile phones and digital electronic products.

Water bag: The difference between the words is two different things. If you encounter a critical situation in the wild, you can transport water from the river, and you can also receive rainwater! Kettle: Ordinary plastic kettle is enough, please pay attention to the tightness of the kettle. Disposable disinfectant: portable disinfectant that is not washed with water.

Aluminum bowl:
used for outdoor camping, aluminum heat conduction is fast and light. If you can eat heated food or water, not only can you better restore physical fitness, but also more hygienic. Gray cloth tape: stronger than ordinary transparent tape, strong in adhesion. Roll paper: You can remove the paper core. Garbage bags: Pack domestic garbage and feces to keep the environment as clean as possible and avoid secondary pollution. Water purifier: One of the biggest threats in the disaster is that there is no water. With a small water purifier, it can purify natural water and drink it directly.