Digestive Tract Medicine In Pet First Aid Kit

Multi-enzyme tablets, pepsin tablets, multi-vitamins: These medicines will greatly help pets with indigestion and loss of appetite, and can effectively regulate the gastrointestinal function of pets.
Probiotics: Usually give pets some tonics that can regulate gastrointestinal function, and can also prevent dogs from diarrhea.
Montmorillonite powder: Physical anti-diarrhea is safe and reliable, avoid using it when paying attention to infectious diarrhea. Special reminder: If your pet has severe vomiting and diarrhea, you should see your pet doctor in time to avoid delaying treatment.
Chloramphenicol eye drops: essential medicines for the eyes, which can treat conjunctivitis and keratitis. Because of its cheap price, it can be rinsed without eye diseases to keep the eyes clean. This is especially important for the large and raised Jingba and Pug dog breeds.
Kaisailu: When a pet is constipated, squeezing it into the anus is very effective in promoting its defecation. Not recommended for long-term use, so as not to rely on drugs, without bowel movements without it.
Chlorhexidine solution: For male male dogs, you may find that there is always a greenish off-white thick juice at the foreskin. This is an inflammation of the foreskin cavity. It is easy to rinse with chlorhexidine often, which can help it get rid of its troubles. For bitches during estrus and postpartum, chlorhexidine solution can also be used to keep the vagina clean. In addition, it can also be used for sick dogs and cats with inflammation of the oral gingival mucosa.
Special tips: When traveling with pets, pet first aid kits are prepared with some sedatives, such as diazepam and chlorpromazine. It should be noted that sedatives can interfere with the pet's ability to regulate heat. After taking it, it is stuffy in a high-temperature compartment, and it is likely to cause heat stroke. In severe cases, it may lead to death.