Always Into The Pet First Aid Kit

author: Amy

Always Into The Pet First Aid Kit

Anyone who has pets knows that pets are ill-prepared. Therefore, the pet first aid kit is an essential tool for the owner. Let's take a look at which drugs are needed to keep pets together!

01 Surgical First Aid

Hydrogen peroxide: If it is a general skin trauma, you can use it to clean the wound first.

Yunnan Baiyao: If your pet bleeds, apply the powder to the wound. If there is too much bleeding, you can take it for your pet.

Baiduobang: A commonly used and effective anti-inflammatory drug for wounds, it can be used when pets suffer from suppurative skin diseases. After applying it to the surface of the affected area, it should be bandaged to prevent licking.

Special tip: If possible, you should also prepare some popsicle sticks. If the pet unfortunately has a fracture, this time, a light, thin and flexible popsicle stick will work. Although the pet is injured, the lively and active character is easy to make the injury worse. At this time, the owner can use the popsicle stick as a splint to temporarily fix the fractured limb. In this way, the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and skin at the fracture are not easily damaged again when the owner feeds his pet to the hospital.